STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS International Marketing Explained

 A.K.A. “Why Is There So Much Cumberbatch And So Little Trek”

Did this post on a Russian forum when someone asked why the hell are we getting another new trailer on Apple today (probably at either midnight PDT/08:00 London /11:00 Moscow or 9:00 PDT/17:00 London/20:00 Moscow)

The US still haven’t had a full length trailer for the film released. You may think that the International Trailer that was released a few weeks back was it, but they didn’t show it in the US. Same goes for those ‘hideous non-Trekky’ posters with Cumberbatch all over him (no offence)

Unlike most other films recently, Paramount have been running two separate campaigns - one in the US, for the more Trek-savvy audience, and one overseas, for the less Trek-savvy (according to them, they wanted to "get away from the Trekkiness of it all"). This is because the 2009 film did not do very well outside the US, so Paramount are trying to market the film differently in other countries.

What does the US have?

  • Announcement - online-only, not shown in cinemas. Hence no green band.
  • Domestic Teaser #1 - shown with The Hobbit in non-IMAX showings.
  • IMAX Prologue - released worldwide with the difference of that famous glass/hand scene that is present in the US version
  • Domestic Teaser #2 - shown with Oz: The Great and Powerful
  • Domestic Theatrical Trailer - premieres today, in US theaters with Oblivion
  • Teaser poster - like Announcement, released identically worldwide
  • Character posters + banner that have been premiering over the past few days
  • Domestic final one-sheet that features the Enterprise for once.

What does the rest of the world have?

Pretty much a lot of the content from the second list has been called out as ‘very un-Star Trek, looks too much like a generic action film, OMG BENEDICT EVERYWHERE’ (that’s the extreme of it, quote not representative). And the explanation for it is, like mentioned at the start, Paramount are marketing the film differently outside the US, where they think there is less of a Trek fanbase. Also this is the reason why the film is opening in many countries on May 9, before the US, so it can get more international revenue and word of mouth to build up hype in the US. Worked for Marvel, right?

Anyway, the good thing is, today’s trailer, as it is aimed towards the US audience, with bigger Star Trek knowledge (according to the studio), should be much better and more Trek than before!

Enjoy the film!

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