Apparently this is the Deadpool test footage.

LOL. Nice way to cheer me up this morning after that underwhelming but great looking teaser.

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There is a Mad Max trailer up…


It premieres May 2015.

You know… over 9 months from now…

Yet, we still await a Mockingjay trailer…

you don really fucked up Lionsgate…

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Interstellar - "Countdown" 40" TV Spot/Trailer 3 Announcement (Fan-Made)

VERY SUBTLE SPOILERS FOR TRAILER 3 (not the film, but the actual style of part of the trailer)

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  • AnonymousYeah i totally understand the worrying factor in that Lionsgate might leave it too late but i really think this is all thought out for MJ to just burst onto the scene at the last minute and overtake everyone, With the success of THG and more success with CF i think it's very possible this strategy can and work. I mean i guess we just have to wait and see.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Very good point. Maybe that sense of spontaneity is what they need to overtake Nolan/Interstellar. I agree that it kind of worked with the Capitol TV teasers appearing out of nowhere. Maybe everyone being underwhelmed at first and then jumping out with big stuff will get people’s attention.

    Gonna be interesting to look at this as it pans out.

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  • AnonymousAbout the MJ marketing campaign i agree with what you're saying but maybe Lionsgate is looking at it like those movies you mentioned with longer trailers coming out rn are basically using all they're cards and that means closer to Nov releases LG will still have cards (MJ longer trailer/s) in their back pocket. Close to Nov releases who is going to remember a 2:30 min trailer that was released in July for another movie with a brand new trailer for MJ released closer to the Nov opening.
  • Yeah to some extent I see what you’re getting at. But also remember studios like Warner can actually request theatres to keep playing their big longer trailer up until the November release - which is exactly what they’re doing with Interstellar (most recent trailer has to play at all IMAX cinemas until release date), and what Lionsgate have done with the SDCC/theatrical trailer for Catching Fire up until the final 1-min trailer came out at the end of October.

    Talking of trailers closer to November release is interesting, because normally studios bring out “final trailers” with similar 2:30 lengths, but Lionsgate for both HG and CF brought out 1-minute packed trailers. Maybe they’re reversing that trend this year so that when Interstellar drops a whole bunch of TV spots and other stuff, Lionsgate drops on us that big Mockingjay trailer we’ve all been waiting for. What’s kind of worrying for me, really, is how late they’re pushing stuff out this time round. Something along the lines of what’s out this weekend should’ve been ideally released back late April/early May/with X-Men: DOFP, not 4 months before the release.

    So yeah the success of a big final trailer close to release kind of depends on when and what other studios like Warner will do - they did similar stuff with Inception, TDKR and Man of Steel - wondering what they’ll do for Interstellar. In terms of anticipation right now, seems like Nolan is winning, but closer to release, we’ll see.

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In other news:

INTERSTELLAR Trailer 3 (the Comic-Con one) landing online this Wednesday July 30. Time TBC.

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My issues with Mockingjay P1 marketing right now:

Ok so they’re aiming high, want to get top domestic BO of the year again and improve on international:

"And we still have room to grow. We’ve matched ‘Iron Man 3’ on domestic, but we can do better on international.” (x)

What do they do right now - bring out a 1-minute teaser trailer. Online on Monday and attached to GOTG next week. Main problems with that:

  • Direct box-office competitor that LGF are aiming to beat, which basically shut out any possibility of extra $$$ from IMAX showings, will screen a second (apparently fantastic) full-length trailer. Like I said previously, guess which trailer audiences are more likely to remember. Oh and they’re also packing a second punch in the GOTG previews with a new Hobbit 3 teaser trailer that’s 47 seconds longer. Ouch. Guess where the money’s going now.
  • Oh, guess which other big film (hint: out May 2015) is supposed to be bringing out a similar sort of 1-minute trailer with GOTG also?
  • Other miscellaneous issues such as pretty much a divided reaction so far amongst the fans, press etc. Sure, content wise it may actually be good and fans will probably like it cause FIRT FOOTAGE and go BE GRATEFUL AT LEAST IT’S SOMETHING (umm marketing is part of their job, people), but when you think about it, a 1 minute teaser trailer for a November movie going up against a second 2:30 trailer for a November movie, a 1:47 teaser trailer for a December movie and a similar 1-min teaser trailer for a May 2015 (!!!) movie?


(replace Capitol with the other big A-list studios)

And those saying that this left-field drip-feeding marketing strategy going against tried and tested formulas is the reason why the series have been so successful so far…let’s take a look at this again. Both trailers on that link came out at the same timeframe before release (round about 4 months) as this new teaser trailer. Much like other films are doing with this “set formula”. 

Also, a 1-minute teaser trailer like this is ideally something that should’ve been released way back in late April/early May/with X-Men: DOFP, not 4 months before release. This delay in start of marketing has left me and a few others a bit worried.

So yeah, take a wild guess which studio’s probably gonna top BO this year.

Okay I should stop ranting now and just sit back and enjoy Marvel and DC blowing each other out today :D

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Food for thought:

You’re seeing GOTG. Which trailer for a November-released film you are more likely to remember….

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Capitol TV Presents - A Look Back At The 74th and 75th Hunger Games

Self reblog cause new context - this shows what sort of trailer they should’ve debuted today.

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Capitol TV Presents - A Look Back At The 74th and 75th Hunger Games

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So what are we calling the new Mockingjay P1 trailer again?

I’ve seen a lot of arguments about this subject so I thought I’d offer my two cents on the issue.

With the unusual nature of the AV promotion for the film (i.e. those Capitol TV videos) the studio and other distributors haven’t unfortunately been able to lock down specific terms by which to call the pieces. Whether those videos were just viral videos (which IMO they aren’t because they 1. played theatrically and 2. unlike other viral videos for other campaigns, these clips were fully localised and dubbed for different countries), or trailers or teasers, is still up in the air. In regards to those we know from multiple official sources that these videos were as follows:

"Panem Address 1: Together as One" (US domestic name used on YouTube and Lionsgate US channels)/Teaser (Apple iTunes trailers)/Teaser Trailer (classification boards)/Trailer 1 (copies sent to cinemas and master copies)

"Panem Address 2: Unity" (US domestic name used on YouTube and Lionsgate US channels)/Teaser 2 (Apple iTunes trailers)/Teaser Trailer 2 (classification boards)/Trailer 2 (copies sent to cinemas and master copies)

As for the upcoming new trailer, it still isn’t clear as the press release from Lionsgate and Samsung states both “official trailer” which is the designation used on the official social media channels of both companies - same designation as the second (technically third) Catching Fire trailer that debuted this time last year, and “teaser trailer” which is only used in the press release and some of the communications from Best Buy, and according to THGAustralia, they are using this as the official online designation (eg. on YouTube). I’m pretty sure too this will be sent to cinemas and designated on the masters as Trailer 3.

At this stage, when people are saying “keep your expectations in check cause they said it’s just a teaser” I think the naming shouldn’t affect the content. This time last year we got a a fantastic full length trailer covering a lot of the film and I’m sure this will be the case again this week. My personal opinion is that we’ve already had teaser trailers (they’re still trailers cause they’re played in cinemas) and what we’re getting now is a proper trailer.

[/rantover] and enjoy the last few days of waiting :)

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For those still wondering why the hell is everyone so upset over the whole Lionsgate/Samsung Mockingjay trailer deal.



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